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Our California estate sales are the place to find: Modern, Vintage, Art, Furniture, Home and Garden Goods, Tools, Antiques and just about anything else...

Our estates are always fresh, never picked over, and found for you by Southern California's Premier Estate Liquidator and CAGA Certified Appraiser, Lisa Kroese.


Home Inventory Checklist

Keeping track of purchases prices and inventory at home is much easier if you have a single document with everything on one list. Download my home free home inventory checklist for insurance purposes.

Most homeowners can keep their own lists. If you have collections, antiques, fire arms, jewelry fine art or other high end purchases at home, your special items might need an independent appraisal for insurance coverage. When you write up your list take your camera and create a photo album or digital file with pictures, if you have a loss later, the images and your list will make the insurance claim much simpler. If you need to file a claim, that is generally a time when you probably won't want extra complications.

Free Home Inventory Checklist PDF

Check your coverages with your insurance agent. Find out if your personal property covers you for fair market value, replacement value, or actual cash value. They will all result in different pay outs in the the event of a loss. Generally, replacement value would be the best option for the highest payout. Actual cash value and fair market valuations might be beneficial coverage if your premiums would be too expensive for replacement coverage.

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