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Hidden Treasures Checklist

As estate liquidators, we find family treasures hidden in all kinds of places. And I personally hear from families during our free consultations that they know their mom or dad had something special hidden away that just has not been found. We have come across many lost and hidden items for our clients - from safe deposit box keys, old family photo collections, to gold coins, jewelry, gold pocket watches, stamp collections, and cash. If you are missing something or you just know your loved one liked to stash things away in secret spots, this list is for you.

If you are clearing out a family estate and need a checklist of where to look, here is my list.

  • behind dressers (look for jewelry hung from mirror screws or nails)
  • under tables and chairs
  • in drawers (check underneath paper lining too)
  • under cushions and mattresses
  • under beds and furniture
  • behind art and picture frames
  • inside books
  • closets, check top shelves
  • in all clothing pockets and drape hems
  • Inside shoes and shoe boxes
  • dressers, items folded into shirts, wrapped in socks or under garments
  • purses and old wallets
  • inside old savings books and files
  • inside file cabinets
  • inside the toilet tank
  • refrigerators/freezers, check ice cube trays and jars
  • pantry, inside boxes, baskets, jars
  • garage, jars and tool boxes
  • garage and attic rafters
  • above the water heater or appliances
  • behind works of art

It is a lot of work but you should find just about anything that is there if you follow the list. Let me know if you think we should add anything for our next estate sale set up. We always love getting comments about our blog.